Native American Heritage Month celebrated at East Providence City Hall

The Mayor’s Office and the City of East Providence held their third annual Native American Heritage Month Celebration at City Hall on November 20, 2023. Organized by Affirmative Action/EEO Officer Elmer Pina, the event highlights the contributions of Indigenous people to the City and recognizes their history that long predated the formation of the City.

(Above, left) Michelle Johnson and Carole Brown stand next to Mayor DaSilva as he holds a new painting recognizing the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Indigenous Affairs. (Above, right) Mayor DaSilva presents Pokanoket Sachem Dancing Star (above, center) with a citation for her leadership within the Pokanoket Tribe.

(Above) Mayor DaSilva enjoys a laugh with Seakonke Tribe Members Patricia “Gentle Rain” Booker and Carole “Little Meadow” Brown in front of the gathered audience.

(Above, left) Karen Cahir and Michelle Johnson prepare refreshments after the Heartbeat of the Pokanoket Tribe drummers perform some traditional songs.