Myles Garrison

The site of the original garrison house that was used at the opening of the King Philip War in 1675 to house Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colony troops from Boston is marked by a large stone marker and bronze plaque. The house was the home of Rev. John Myles who had come to the area from Swansea, Wales, to serve a gathering of Baptists who broke away from the Newman Congregational Church in nearby Rehoboth.


The plaque lists the names of those slain in the King Philip War War in Swansea (click to enlarge), including that of William Cahoone who had come from Scotland in 1673 to start a brickworks nearby. He was one of the first killed in the War.


 The marker, located on the west side of the Myles Bridge, is shown in a turn-of-the century photo.


The abandoned 1802 Mason Barney Estate sits across the street from where the Garrison House once stood prior to a fire in the early 20th century.

The Garrison Marker is located at the intersection of Barneyville and Old Providence Roads in Swansea.

Click on the map below for a Google map of the location.