Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Intertribal Pow Wow in Rehoboth

A Pow Wow is a Native American tradition that brings together many different tribes and communities. Pow Wows are cultural celebrations that include dancing, singing, socializing, crafts, arts, and food. The September 23, 2023 powwow in Rehoboth, MA, featured MMIW educational information and resources, Native American storytelling, and Eastern Blanket and Eastern War Dance Specials. The women also held an MMIW round dance to pray for their stolen sisters. Click here for a nine-minute video of the event.

(Above) Pokanoket Sachem Dancing Star points to locations on a map of Sowams and answers questions about the Sowams Heritage Area Project which is working to create a National Heritage Area based on the home of the Massasoit Osamequin who welcomed the Pilgrims in 1621.

(Above, left) Lee “Brave Heart” Edmonds, left, and his brother, Harry “Hawk” Edmonds look at a photo taken of them. (Above, center) Hawk smudges a participant while Patricia “Gentle Rain” Booker greets one of the guests.

One of the younger dancers performs after the Grand Entrance. Later, Carole “Little Meadow” Brown pauses for a moment of reflection about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women that were being remembered.