Margaret’s Rock & Cave

Following his banishment from Salem in January 1636, and suffering from an ailment, Roger Williams headed to Sowams (now Warren) where he sought out the Massasoit Osamequin. There Margaret, a Pokanoket Native, nursed Williams back to health in a lean-to shelter in Massasoit’s winter camp. The following spring, Williams left to settle with his followers near Omega Pond in what is now East Providence.


Margaret’s Cave is located on the southern end of Margaret’s Rock, to the left in the photo. The Williams Family Association placed this marker in 2011.

The D’Allesandro Farm and Sachem’s Knoll is visible to the west from the top of Margaret’s Rock


Margaret’s Rock is visible through the trees along the east side of the D’Allesandro Farm and stone walls run throughout the woods behind.


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Margaret’s Rock can be seen in the winter from Route 136 north.

Access to the Rock and the Cave is by permission either through the Chase Farm or the D’Allesandro Farm.