Land Trust offers a walk through 1682 Haile-Nunes Farm land in Warren, once part of Sowams

On August 26, 2022, the opening day of RI Land Trust Days, the public was invited to explore the land along the shore of the Palmer River that was once part of the 1682 Haile-Nunes Farm in Warren. Warren Land Trust Executive Director Paul Miller (above, right) led the two mile walk through the woods and out to the marsh, pointing out the wild plants and birds that inhabit the area. Click here for a 20-minute video of the walk.

(Above) Rhode Island Land Trust Council Executive Director Kate Sayles welcomes people to the Haile Farm Preserve for the first Land Trust Days walk before Paul Miller reads a Land Acknowledgement to the Pokanoket Tribe who first lived in the area called Sowams.

(Above, left) The group walks through the woods and out to the marsh along several of the boardwalks placed there by volunteers from the Warren Land Conservation Trust. (Above, right) Land Trust President Rock Singewald and Secretary Martha Antaya stop to examine some saltmarsh false foxglove.

(Above) Paul talks about some of the plants that grow in the marsh from seeds in berries scattered by the salt marsh sparrows and other birds in the area and then points out a spider web in the woods along the trail on the way back.

The walk took place not far from the 1682 Haile-Nunes Farm farmhouse that once served as a 17th century Narragansett Bay saltwater livestock farm at the north end of Warren along Route 136. The marsh on the property provided a year around source of salt marsh hay for the livestock.