King Philip’s War & the Place of Violence in the Northeast with Christine DeLucia

The Indigenous resistance movement and colonial conflict sometimes known as King Philip’s War shaped the American Northeast in powerful ways. Its consequences have reverberated for more than three centuries. Click here for a 79-minute recording of Christin DeLucia’s May 3, 2023 presentation to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Historian Christine DeLucia offers a major reconsideration of this period in the seventeenth century and its ongoing impacts and remembrances, providing an alternative to Pilgrim-centric narratives that have conventionally dominated written and public histories of New England, such as those by Jean O’Brien and Jill Lepore.

Grounded in collaborative research and interpretive practices, DeLucia explores how different forms of knowledge and commemoration support communities’ enduring commitments to justice, homelands, sovereignty, and wellbeing.

Christine DeLucia is an associate professor of history at Williams College, and author of Memory Lands: King Philip’s War and the Place of Violence in the Northeast.