Keith Morton leads a group on a walk to Margaret’s Rock

Providence College professor Keith Morton leads a group to Margaret’s Rock and Cave on private property near his home in North Warren, RI. The location is thought to be where the Pokanoket Massasoit Ousamequin sheltered Roger Williams in the winter of 1636 after he was exiled from Salem, MA because of his radical beliefs. Click here for a 45-minute video of the walk.

Dr. Morton describes some of the adjoining farmland which includes the Chace Farm, a Kings Grant farm from 1697, before the group, including Diane and Ed Iannuccilli and Tony Morettini, heads over to Margaret’s Rock on property adjoining the Chace Farm.

The group approaches the Rock, the end of which makes a shelter where Williams was thought to be nursed back to health over the course of 14 weeks with the help of a Native Woman who the English called “Margaret”.

Dr. Morton relates what is known about the location and what is speculated, and Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed fills in some of the details that he has learned over the years he has worked on the Project.

(Above, left) Martha’s Vineyard artist Ruth Major has created a painting that illustrates what the Pokanoket winter encampment may have looked like along the eastern slope of Margaret’s Rock. (Above, right) Dr. Morton takes questions from the group before concluding the hour-long walk.