Keith Morton leads a guided walk to Margaret’s Rock where Roger Williams was sheltered in 1636

Recently retired Providence College Professor of Public and Community Service Keith Morton led a small group on a guided walk to Margaret’s Rock, thought to be the place where Roger Williams was sheltered by Pokanoket Massasoit Ousamequin in the winter of 1636. Click here for a 44-minute video of the walk held on June 10, 2023.

(Above) Keith welcomes Linda and Steve Snyder, Helen Zincavage, Linda Megathlin, and Barbara Dobbyn outside his farm in North Warren before leading them through the woods nearby to the location of the Rock.

(Above) Keith reads the marker placed there by the Roger Williams Family Association which contains several misstatements. Steve Snyder points out some similarities between the location and Native sites in New Jersey with which he is familiar.

(Above, left) Barbara Dobbyn relates the effort of the Pokanoket Tribe to retain their history with what she has learned about attempts to erase the culture in Estonia. (Above, center) Keith holds a photo of a painting by Artist Ruth Major that portrays what the Pokanoket winter settlement at the site may have looked like. (Above, right) Helen Zincavage and Linda and Steve Snyder look at one of the nearby fields that is gradually being taken over by the nearby forest.