Keith Morton leads a group to Margaret’s Rock

Providence College Professor Keith Morton (below,left), who lives near Margaret’s Rock, led a group of ten people to the location where it has been said that Roger Williams was sheltered by a Pokanoket woman in the winter of 1636. Click here for a 52-minute video of the walk.


(Above) Before the walk to the Rock, Keith describes the surrounding property to Julie Blount of Warren, Po Pummukoank Anogqs of the Royal House of the Pokanoket Nation, and Cindy and John Rourke of Rehoboth.


(Above) John and Cindy Rourke, Otis Read, Julie Blount and Po Pummukoank Anogqs listen as Keith describes some of the foliage before the group, including George Palazio and Lena Campenelli, arrive at the Rock. A marker placed there in 2011 by the Williams Family Association reads: “Margaget’s Rock – Roger Williams Shelter. Here by tradition, Chief Massasoit and Margaret, both of the Wampanog Tribe, nursed an ill Roger back to health during that very cold winter of 1636 following his banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.”  Po Pummukoank Anogqs explained the incorrect use of the term Wampanoag to describe the Pokanoket Nation that the Massasoit Ousamequin led at the time.


Keith describes the land near the Rock which was likely a winter settlement of the Pokanoket, and Po Pummukoank Anogqs explains more of the tribe’s history to Cindy and Butch Lombardi and Barbara Paroline.

Click here for a 52-minute video of the walk.

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