Keith Morton leads a group to Margaret’s Cave

Providence College Professor and nearby neighbor led a group of ten people to Margaret’s Cave, thought by many to be the location where Roger Williams was sheltered for 14 weeks in the winter of 1636 after he was threatened with expulsion from Salem, MA due to his views on Native people and the separation of religion and government. Click here for a 39-minute video of the walk on July 24, 2021.

(Above) Professor Morton describes the farms around the area, some of the last active farming in Warren and Swansea, before leading the group to the location of the Cave, on private property just over the Swansea line from North Warren, RI.

Members of the group look over the cave, a large outcropping of rock that can serve as a shelter in the winter due to its orientation to the south and its ability to block cold winds from the northeast and northwest.

Dr. Morton gives a detailed description of the history surround the cave and the Pokanoket people who occupied the area from eight to ten thousand years prior to the arrival of Europeans in the early 17th century.

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