John Alden and the Long History of Plymouth Colony

Most historians equate Plymouth Colony only with the Mayflower crossing and the First Thanksgiving, but the Colony has more of a story to tell. Join historian John Turner as he explores Plymouth Colony’s fascinating 70-year history and what we can learn from John Alden, a magistrate for over 60 years, about the Colony’s religious, political and social order. Click here for the 61-minute YouTube video by the Town of Duxbury.

Author John Taylor begins by describing Pilgrim John Alden who was eulogized by John Cotton following Alden’s death in 1687.

Taylor talks about Thomas Morton’s Merry Mount settlement and his dealings in the fur trade. He shows a deed from 1661 that show’s Richard Bourne’s settlement at Manomet that became today’s Mashpee, MA.

The maps above show the locations of fur trade that extended to today’s Maine as well as the range of Native settlement, including Pokanoket where the Massasoit Ousamequin was based.

Included in his presentation is a sketch of the 1883 meeting house in Plymouth and the story of Humphrey Norton.