Indigenous Weapons and Tactics of King Philip’s War

Atun-Shei Films producer Andrew Rakich posted a 35 minute video on YouTube about Indigenous Weapons and Tactics of King Philip’s War on January 20, 2023, and within ten days it had over 100,000 views. Click here to see this interesting and irreverent interview with two Native interpreters.

Native American living historians Dylan Smith (above, center with Andrew Rakich) and Drew Shuptar-Rayvis (above left and right) of the Pokemoke Indian Nation help to explore the military history of King Philip’s War from the indigenous perspective.

The video focuses on the King Philip’s War, 1675-76, that resulted in the deaths of over 2,500 Indigenous people and over 500 colonists in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

A lot of time is spent describing the weaponry that was used by both sides during the conflict, such as steel knives, muskets and Indigenous war clubs like the one that Metacomet is said to have used.