Indigenizing Historical Narratives with Chris Newell

Non-Native understandings of the history of Connecticut are often centered around colonial narratives beginning with the establishment of colonies in the 17th century. This results in pedagogies of history that contribute to erasure of Indigenous populations in the region for over 12,000 years prior to European colonization and continue the process.

Chris Newell, Executive Director and Sr. Partner to Wabanaki Nations for the Abbe Museum in Moneskatik (Bar Harbor, ME) and Amrys Williams, Executive Director of the Connecticut League of History Organizations present a 105-minute You Tube video about re-indigenizing Native history.

By re-incorporating the narratives of Native populations back into the narrative of history and social studies we create a mutually beneficial environment that is inclusive of the living Native populations of modern day Connecticut providing a clearer picture of its creation and existence.

This talk focuses on entry points for conversations with Native people and helpful tips on the proper use of language and vocabulary when incorporating them into content.