Hunt’s Mills on the Ten-Mile River

The mills in the 1643 Rehoboth Purchase were first located along the Ten-Mile River by Stephen Payne as early as 1645. In 1671 Israel Sabin and Mr. Payne were operating four mills on this site.

The Ten Mile River flows 22 miles from Plainville, MA, to East Providence, RI, and once provided water power to a series of mills built along its banks from 1643 to 1893. There are 45 lakes and ponds in the watershed and many towns draw their drinking water from these.


A fish ladder was constructed to permit blueback herring to migrate around the dam.There are numerous hiking trails that follow the river.



Interpretive signs describe the development of the mills. Click on each to enlarge.


A 19th century pump house and a house built by John Hunt around 1750 sits near from the River .


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