History Camp Pioneer Valley hears the untold story of the Massasoit and the Colonists

Sowams Heritage Area Coordinator Dave Weed presented The Untold Story of the Massasoit and the Colonists to about forty participants in the History Camp at Pioneer Valley in Holyoke, MA, on July 27, 2019. Click here for a 50-minute video of his presentation.


(Above) Nearly one hundred people attended the all day event at Holyoke Community College organized by Cliff Mcarthy of the Pioneer Valley History Network.


The presentation began with an explanation of where Sowams is located in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts and described many events of the 17th century, including the King Philip War that went all the way out to Western Massachusetts.


Dr. Weed emphasized the positive relationship between the Massasoit and Pilgrim Edward Winslow that preserved the peace for over 50 years. Weed also pointed out the many Native locations in Sowams, including a perched rock on Route 136 in Swansea.

Click here for a 50-minute video of the presentation.