Future of Barrington Nockum Hill Lot 3A discussed at public forum

The Town of Barrington held a public workshop for all attendees to share their thoughts on the future use of Lot 3A on George Street, part of the historic Nockum Hill Area that dates back to the founding of the Town. Click here for an 18-minute video of the overview presentation by Planning Director Philip Hervey.


(Above) Director of Planning Philip Hervey began the workshop with and overview of the property, and Town Manager Jim Cunha opened discussion on the future of the site.


The Town purchased the 6-acre open space lot after approval by voters at the 2019 Financial Town Meeting. The site includes a marker for the first Baptist Church in Massachusetts that was founded in 1663.


(Above) Nathaniel Taylor, President of the Barrington Preservation Society, reports that money has been raised to perform an archaeological survey of the property and asks BPS member Van Edwards to discuss that while Town Councilor Jacob Brier listens.


(Above) BPS member Bonnie Warren asks Archaeological and Historical Services archaeologist David Leslie how soon such a survey could be undertaken, and he replies that is could be done over the next few weeks.


Jason Lawrence, owner of the 1763 Allen-West House on Lot 3A, and Melissa Horne, Co-President of the Barrington Land Conservation Trust, express their agreement with the plan and the efforts to preserve the land.

Click here for a 43-minute video of the discussion that followed the presentation.