Haile-Nunes Farm House

“On the former Bowen-Haile-Nunes Farmstead, a rare surviving representative of a 17th century Narragansett Bay saltwater livestock farm now given over largely to development, stands the oldest extant house in Warren. . .The original house was erected by Obadiah Bowen about 1682 as a story-and-a-half house with a steeply pitched gable roof. . .In 1708, Richard Haile Jr. acquired the farm; thereafter it remained in the Haile family for over two centuries, until 1911.” [ from Lombard Pozzi, Warren 250th Anniversary Commemorative Book, p. 166]


A beehive oven sits next to one of three fireplaces in the massive chimney, and a staircase leads to two rooms in the second story.


An opening in the floor leads to a cistern where rainwater was stored. The rear of the house shows additions below the original sloped roofline.


Click here for the RWU Historic Preservation Plan that mentions the Haile-Nunes Farm on page 35 & 36.

Click here for a Short History of the Haile Farm by Barbara Andrews Hail


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The Farmhouse sits along Market Street, Route 136 in North Warren, RI, directly across from D & D Mulch and Landscape