First Period Houses

There are eleven First Period houses originally constructed in Sowams in the 1600s that are still standing. Only the City of Providence has no structures built prior to 1700 still standing. Its last 17th century structure was demolished in 1900.

First Period houses have a steeply pitched roof; a slightly asymmetrical plan; and a central chimney. The first period house is distinguished from later houses by its exposed (often decorated or chamferedframe in the interior. Some early windows in modest houses may have had no glazing, but the standard first period window, until at least 1700, was the diamond-paned casement. [Wikipedia]

  Barrington – 1               Bristol – 4

  East Providence – 2      Rehoboth – 1

  Seekonk – 1                 Swansea – 1

  Warren – 1          Providence – 1