Exploring the Narrative of the Swansea Baptists with Rev. Charles Hartman

(Above) Speaking at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, MA, Rev. Dr. Charles Hartman presented a one-hour lecture on “A Lapse of Memory: Exploring the Narrative of the Swansea Baptists”, sponsored by the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society on August 16, 2020. Hartman co-authored Baptists in Early North America with William Brackney and lectures at Roger Williams University. Click here for a 66-minute video of his presentation. Click here for a historical narrative about the Church.


Dr. Hartman began his presentation by reviewing the 17th century history of England in which the Protestant Church was split by a variety of groups, including the Separatists who left England in 1620 to settle in Plymouth.


Dr. Hartman went on to describe the history of the Newman Congregational Church in Rehoboth (now East Providence) and the split led by John Browne, James Brown, Thomas Willet and others who formed the first Baptist Church in Massachusetts at Nockum Hill, now in Barrington, RI.


Following the presentation held in the barn at the Carpenter Museum, participants stayed to offer comments and questions to Dr. Hartman.

Click here for a 66-minute video of the presentation.