Exploring the Lives of Plymouth Colony Women

From the very beginning, women were critical to the survival and development of Plymouth Colony. Not only did they raise families and manage households, but they educated future generations, oversaw the health of their communities, and bolstered the economy. Author and historian Michelle Marchetti Coughlin offers a fascinating look at the women of Plymouth Colony and the ways in which Plymouth’s European, Native, and Black women’s experiences helped shape this “New World” society. Click here for the one-hour YouTube recording of the May 1, 2022 talk offered by Alden House.

In her presentation, Coughlin describes the life of Pilgrim Priscilla Alden and then goes on to contrast English women with Wampanoag women who had different role in their society.

While men held political power and position in English society, Wampanoag women were often tribal leaders. Coughlin goes on to relate how some of the English women were involved in running businesses.

Coughlin concludes by contrasting the views of Separatists, Baptists and Quakers in Plymouth Colony.

Click here for a presentation by Michelle Marchetti Coughlin on Penelope Winslow.