Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land provides a number of gentle trails through Rehoboth woods

Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land on Pond Street in Rehoboth consists of sandy upland pitch-pine forest and wooded wetlands bisected by two streams and multiple trails. Click here for a two-minute video of the trails.

The Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land can be accessed by a small parking area located on Pond Street near the center of Rehoboth. Several trails wind through the property as provided on a trail map at the trail head. An alter and a cross are located within the pine grove at the start of the trails.

There are three blazed trails on the property: 1) a red blazed loop trail that wraps around an outdoor classroom; 2) a blue blazed trail that travels to the back reaches of the property; and 3) an orange out and back trail that runs through an old field.

(Above) A boardwalk allows access across one of the streams that run through the land and provide habitat for the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta), a Massachusetts listed species of special concern.

(Above) A picnic table is conveniently located near the Old Field where a large glacial erratic stands nearby