Electric Box painting of Ousamequin by The Lady J

Warren Arts & Culture Commission, which was formed in 2020 by Bob Rulli, director of the Office of Planning & Community Development for the Town of Warren, commissioned seven artists to be part of ongoing streetscaping improvement efforts.  The project was done in partnership with The Avenue Concept, who project managed and facilitated. Artist The Lady J was chosen to transform an electric box at the intersection of Main & Campbell Streets and the East Bay Bike Path to pay homage to the Pokanoket Massasoit Ousamequin who lived here 400 years ago and is now buried nearby in Burr’s Hill ParkClick here for a five-minute video of the artist at work. Click here for a five-minute video of the artist at work.

A cyclist on the Bike Path stops at Main Street next to the electric box selected for the project. Artist The Lady J begins her work by spray painting a pattern suggestive of wampum belts worn by the Pokanoket Chief.

Using a series of stencils, The Lady J filled a white outline with parts of the painting using images of the famous Dallin statue of Ousamequin that stands in Plymouth near where he first met with the Pilgrims in 1621.

The Lady J finishes the painting, which displays a QR code linked to the Sowams Heritage Area Project website and adds two labels.

Ryan “Winter Hawk” Brown gets video footage of the painting in progress while Pokanoket Sachem Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown poses for a photo with the artist. The Sachem is an 11th generation descendant of Ousamequin.

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