Eastern Medicine Singers perform at the Newport Folk Festival

The Eastern Medicine Singers, a Woonsocket and Providence-based Indigenous drum group, helped kick off the Newport Folk Festival on July 28, 2023, reported Olivia Ebertz of WRNI Radio. Bandleader and Woonsocket resident Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson (above, right) is Pocasset Wampanoag from the Pokanoket Nation.  Click here to listen to her report. [Photos by Sam Elliot]

(Above, left) Dean Running Deer Robinson and Robert Two Running Elk perform a traditional warrior dance. (Above, right) East Providence resident Wayne Eagle Feather Williams has connected to his culture through the music he performs, after not being raised in his Seminole and Blackfoot cultures.

(Above, left) Pawtucket resident Dean Running Deer Robinson of the Narragansett Tribe performs. (Above, right) Providence resident David Gray Owl Jennings didn’t grow up in his Pocasset Wampanoag culture, but he’s been finding it through performing Algonquin language songs.

(Above, left) Yonatan Gat, a composer, producer and guitarist, performs with the Eastern Medicine Singers. (Above, right) Danny Three Bears and Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson can speak and sing in Algonquin.