Eastern Medicine Singers perform at the East Providence Art Festival

Eastern Medicine Singers performers Danny, Wayne (back to the camera), Dean, and leader Daryl Jamieson sing some traditional Algonquin songs at the start of the East Providence Art Festival held on August 13, 2022 across from the Looff Carousel in Riverside. Click here for a nine-minute video of the event.

Jessica performs a traditional blanket dance to the beat of the drum as Michelle keeps the beat with a hand rattle shaker behind her. The Singers take a break between traditional all inclusive drumming and singing typical of the eastern woodlands American Indian culture.

People gather at the park to listen to the drumming and singing while vendors offer a variety of art objects for sale, including a carved wooden sculpture of a Native American headdress by Ray Ethier.

Lisa Ferreira of East Providence stops by a table offered by Laura McNamara of the East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce and Patti McAlpine of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council. A card from the Council notes that the Blackstone River, whose original Nipmuc name is the Kittacuck River, is located in the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Nipmuc, Narragansett, Pokanoket and Wampanoag Nations.

Click here for a three-minute video of Daryl “Black Eagle” Jamieson talking about how he learned the language he uses in his songs.