East Providence City Council passes 3rd land acknowledgement in Sowams

On April 5, 2022, the East Providence City Council introduced and passed a resolution acknowledging the Pokanoket Tribe as the original inhabitants of the City, the third such action taken in the past year in the East Bay. Similar measures were passed in July and December, 2021, by the Warren and Barrington Town Councils respectively. View a 25-minute video of the East Providence Council’s action by clicking here. See the article in the East Providence Post by clicking here.

(Above, left) Councilman Robert Rodericks praised East Providence resident, Harry “Hawk” Edmonds (photo, below right) as an exceptional athlete in the East Providence High School back in the 1950s. (Above, right) Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator David Weed led off the presentations to the Council about the importance of a land acknowledgement.

(Above, left) Pokanoket Tribal Sachem Po Pummukoank Anogqs (Dancing Star) thanked the Council for taking up the measure. (Above, right) Harry “Hawk” Edmonds offers a tobacco prayer in his native language to give thanks for the Council’s action.

(Above, left) Pokanoket Tribe Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug (Dr. William Guy) spoke about the long history of the Tribe. (Above, right) Councilman Ricardo Mourato spoke about the Seat of Metacom in Bristol and other significant places in Pokanoket history in the area.

(Above, left) Councilman Nate Cahoon reads the proposed resolution prior to its adoption by the Council. (Above, right) Members of the Pokanoket Tribe pose for a photo following the passage of the resolution. (Left to right, Lee “Brave Heart” Edmonds, Donald “Strong Turtle” Brown, Tracey “Dancing Star” Brown, Dr. William “Winds of Thunder” Guy, Elsie “Sunflower” Morrison, and Harry “Hawk” Edmonds)