Early Pocasset history at Heritage State Park

An exhibit of local Native American life connecting the past with the present was offered in the Community Gallery by the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe of MA and RI at the Heritage State Park in Fall River, MA from May to July 15, 2022. One of the photos on display (above) shows 84-year-old Pocasset Chief Gray Fox and Medicine Woman Donna Raindance Page. Click here for a 69-minute Fall River Community Media video of the exhibit on May 18, 2022. Click here for a May 12, 2022 article and video by New Bedford Light with Jack Spillane.

(Above) Visitor Services Supervisor Jim Lopes welcomed viewers in a video created by Fall River Community Media before Pocasset Tribal Historian Eleanor Page and Tribal Historic Preservation expert Cora Peirce were each interviewed.

Photos on display included one of the Pocasset tribal land, one of Pocasset members present at the 1929 opening of the Mount Hope Bridge, and one of a portrait of Pocasset Sachem Weetamoe.

Artist Sheila Oliveira talked about some of the paintings she had on display, including one of Weetamoe, before Lafayette-Durfee House President David Jennings spoke about pre-colonial settlement in the area.