Dream Big and Dream Out Loud with the Pocasset Tribe of MA and RI

Pocasset Tribal Historian Eleanor Page (above) joined Medicine Woman Donna Page for a two-hour workshop at Heritage State Park in Fall River that included story telling and the chance for children to create their own dreamcatcher on June 3, 2023. Click here for a ten-minute video of the event.

(Above, right) Visitor Services Supervisor Jim Lopes welcomed the presenters and got a chance to see some dream catchers in action during the workshop.

(Above) Medicine Woman Donna Page reads Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher which tells the story of a Chippawa woman who makes a dreamcatcher with her granddaughter to help her deal with bad dreams.

After reading the story, Medicine Woman invites children to make their own using paper plates, colored chicken feathers and colorful flowers. Click here for another presentation by members of the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe at Heritage State Park.