Dr. Weed talks about the 1621 treaty at Speakers’ Corner in London

Sowams Heritage Area Project Coordinator Dr. David Weed made an impromptu presentation about the importance of the 1621 treaty between the Massasoit Ousamequin and the English Separatists in Plymouth at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in the center of London on September 19, 2021. Click here for a 3 1/2 minute video of his remarks.

Speakers’ Corner is a traditional site for public speeches and debates since the mid 1800’s and offers anyone the chance to talk about any subject of their choosing. On a Sunday morning, it’s not unusual to find crowds gathering to listen to enthusiasts expounding their views. Anyone can turn up unannounced to speak on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful.

Dr. Weed briefly described how the 1621 treaty ensured the peace between the English settlers and the Pokanoket Tribe for half a century, thus ensuring the survival of the English. Unfortunately, the growth in their population and the illnesses they brought to the Indigenous people resulted in the lost of most of their culture and land.

Dr. Weed concluded his remarks by saying that it’s important that people know this history which is why he is working to create a National Heritage Area that will tell the story of what happened in Sowams in the 17th century.