Burial Grounds Of Plymouth Colony with Stephen O’Neill

The Scituate Historical Society welcomed Hanover Historical Society Executive Director Stephen O’Neill for a presentation on the Burial Grounds of Plymouth Colony on October 17, 2018 for a one-hour talk recorded on YouTube.

After talking about Indigenous burial sites, O’Neill described Burial Hill in Plymouth, one of the best known burial sites in Plymouth Colony. where guided tours are available.

O’Neill describe early burial methods and coffin designs as well as the use of shrouds used in early graves when coffins were not available.

O’Neill also described the Royal Pokanoket Burial Site at Burr’s Hill in Warren, RI, thought to be the burial site for the Massasoit Ousamequin in 1661, as well as the Ancient Little Neck Cemetery in Riverside, RI where Pilgrim Elizabeth Tilley was buried.

O’Neill also included descriptions of the Thomas Willett burial site in Riverside and the burial sites on the town common in Bristol, RI where the headstones were later moved across the street.