Correcting My First King Philip’s War Video

Andrew Rakich, the creator of the above video about King Philip’s War that has had more than 800,000 views offers a number of corrections to that four-year-old 17-minute description of the War. As Rakich states in this 15-minute video recorded on December 30, 2022, most of his original video is correct, but some important facts were either wrong or left out. Watch what he has to say four years later by clicking here.

Rakich begins by pointing out that the map that he used called Patuxet he misread as “Pawtucket”, and he mispronounced “Wampanoag.” He also stated that Metacomet was educated at Harvard, which is totally untrue. The murder of John Sassamon prompted the outbreak of the War in Swansea which was just outside the Pokanoket village.

He also points out that Metacomet may not have had a strategy “to drive the colonists into the sea” rather than an effort just to maintain Pokanoket sovereignty. He noted that the Native violence was “surgical” and not “indiscriminate” in targeting its victims.

He then revises his reference to the raid at Turner’s Falls which neutralized Nipmuc power. He also corrects Benjamin Church’s claims about the end of the war. Rakich does, however, stand on the basic facts of the War that he described in his original video.