Connecticut’s Great Discoveries in Archaeology

Hear from Connecticut’s real-life Indiana Jones as he opens up his case files to reveal some of the state’s most fascinating archaeological finds! State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni delves into some of the most significant archaeological sites in Connecticut — from 11,000-year-old Native American campsites and villages to Colonial homesteads and cemeteries. Click here for the 49-minute YouTube presentation by the Mark Twain Library recorded on November 17, 2022.

Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni serves as the emeritus state archaeologist with the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and is adjunct associate research professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut. 

Connecticut’s State Archeologist, presents examples of the archaeological diversity of the state, including Native American sites dating to 11,000 years ago, Indian forts from the 17th century, Colonial homesteads, water-powered industrial mill ruins, cemeteries, underwater shipwrecks and, even two WWII plane crashes. 

History Close to Home is an occasional MTL series exploring the people and places that made history — right in our own backyard!