Community Maple Sugar closing celebration at Osamequin Farm in Seekonk

Osamequin Farm in Seekonk held its second annual Community Maple Sugar closing celebration on a beautiful Sunday afternoon,March 12, 2023. At the event, people got to taste the sap fresh from the tree, half boiled down, and all the way boiled to syrup. Click here for a 14-minute video of the event.

Children danced around the ma-ple may-pole and tied it all up (but first some clever kids tried as hard as they could to pull the tree down with the ropes to get at the sap! it didn’t budge).

Farm Director Sarah Newkirk spoke before Dancing Star told the story of how Indigenous people began maple sugaring thousands of years ago. Later, people tended the fire under the sap pan while others ran around the pond and enjoyed some good old fashioned nature play.

Children (and adults) got to taste fresh sap dripping from one of the maple trees and danced around the Ma-ple may pole after members of the Pokanoket Tribe played one of their traditional songs thanking the Creator for providing such wonderful food for all to enjoy.

Click here for photos of the first annual Community Maple Sugar celebration.