Community Garden with Three Sisters Plot under construction at Hunts Mills

(Above) East Providence Historical Society Co-president Jeff Faria begins to dig a trench for installation of fencing around the community garden plot under construction behind the c. 1750 John Hunt House. A Native American Three Sisters garden will be located in the area where the canopy now stands in the photo below.  Click here for a five-minute video of the construction process.


The East Providence Historical Society received a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to create the garden as well as substantial help from the City of East Providence on whose property the garden is being constructed. It will have 4 X 12′ and 4 X 16′ raised beds that people can rent.


Historical Society Co-president Jeff Faria explains how the garden will be constructed with a water supply and fencing to keep deer and other wild animals who live in the woods nearby from helping themselves to the growing produce.


(Above) Youth volunteers join in the effort along with employees of Dean Martineau Carpentry and Painting.


(Above, left) Historical Society Co-president Cheryl Faria and Board Member Nancy Moore describe how the project will work. (Above, right) A number of historical objects were found during the digging, including an early tool, a grave marker, a piece of ceramic, an item from the carousel that used to be on the property, a portion of a glass, and bricks from the amusement park that once stood on the property.

Click here for a five-minute video of the construction process.