Commonwealth Museum: The Director’s Tour with the Partnership of Historic Bostons

A tour of the Commonwealth Museum, led by Museum Director Dr. Stephen Kenney, was organized by the Partnership of Historic Bostons on June 1, 2023. Click here for a 30-minute video of the event. Click here for another page that covers a tour of Gallery One in the Museum.

(Above) Partnership President Sidney Levitsky, MD, introduces Dr. Kenny who began his presentation by holding up an early map of New England oriented with the West at the top.

(Above) Another early map shows the Great Lakes and California appearing as an island. Dr. Kenney goes on to describe other documents, including a list of food and drink for a funeral at Castle Island.

(Above, left and center) Caitlin Jones, Head of Reference for the Massachusetts Archives next door to the Museum, answers questions about the documents while Dr. Levitsky talks with Pam Borys. (Above, right) Dr. Kenney talks about the exhibits on the first floor while Dr. Henry W. Gates and Partnership Board Member Fred Meyer listen.