Coastal Cove walk with Ernie Germani of the East Providence Conservation Commission

While the Boyden Heights Area of East Providence saw the construction of multiple amusement parks in the late 19th century, the coves below it remain essentially unchanged from the 17th century. A MeetUp group of walkers walked through the area on August 11, 2018 in order to discover the summertime beauty of the marsh and the numerous birds that still occupy the area.

East Providence Deputy EMA Director Wayne Barnes listens as Conservation Commissioner Ernie Germani describes the area around the coastal coves near Boyden Height Conservation Area.


Walkers descend from the Boyden Heights parking area down to the first of three coves along the Providence River.


Ernie and Wayne point out the wildlife and describe how the area was used in the late 1800s to construct four amusement parks that were connected to Providence by train.


A Great Blue Heron sits atop a rock while two swans settle near a rock in the cove near Squantum Point.


Walkers use part of the East Bay Bike Path that runs along the Providence River to go past the Squantum Association headquarters on the right.


A walker stops to take a photo of the view of downtown Providence past Cranberry Island before the group heads back from Watchemoket Cove by the new University Orthopedics building with its new connection to the Bike Path.