City of East Providence celebrates Native American Heritage Month with the Pokanoket Tribe

(Above) Members of the Pokanoket Tribe appeared at the East Providence City Hall on November 20, 2019 to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Click here for a 74-minute video of the program.


(Above) Narragansett Tribal Nation members Lloyd and Lorraine Russell stand in front of a display in the lobby of City Hall before City Affirmative Action / EEO Officer Elmer C. Pina welcomes everyone to the program in the auditorium.


(Above right) City Council President Robert Britto welcomed members of the Pokanoket, Narragansett and Seaconke Tribes to the event.


(Above right) Local historian and program coordinator David O’Connell thanks everyone who was involved in planning and carrying out the program.


(Above) Harry “Hawk” Edmonds, Quanunon, of the Pokanoket Tribe offers a prayer in his native language before Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Bill Guy, “Winds of Thunder”, Sagamore of the Pokanoket Nation relates some of their history.


Tracy “Dancing Star” Brown, Po Pummukoank Anogqs, Sachem (left) offers some tribal stories before Carole “Little Meadow” Brown, Patricia “Gentle Rain” Booker and Lakota and Micmac Tribe member Emily Thomas (right) closed the program with a native lullaby.

Click here for a 74-minute video of the program.