Church of Christ, Swansea

[Photo by Marcbela (Marc N. Belanger) – Own work, Public Domain,]

The First Christian Congregational Church (also know as First Christian Congregational Church and Swansea White Church) established its roots in the early history of  Swansea. Services were first held in l680 without church or clergyman.  In l693 the “Church of Christ in Swansea” was organized with seventeen members and Thomas Barnes of Plymouth ordained as their pastor.  It is believed that this was the first church in New England to admit all Christians to membership regardless of their theological beliefs and our members presently come from many denominational backgrounds. [Church history]

The church is historically significant for it’s ecclesiastical independence, never having had a legal connection with the town and therefore never supported by taxation. The church imposed no doctrinal tests as conditions of admission, and was open to all Christians regardless of the specific tenets of their faith. In 1725 the members decided to receive additiona l members only by the “laying on of hands.” The church was briefly associated with the Six-Principle Baptist Church from 1803 to 1820 and thereafter operated independently.[]


The first meetinghouse, built prior to 1719 diagonally southwest from where the church is today, was unique in that it was heated [Hurd and Hutt]. The present “Olde White Church” was erected between l830 and l832 on a parcel of land purchased from Dr. William Wood for $40.91 by ten members and dedicated on April 10, l833.  Extensive remodeling and redecorating have been done throughout the years.

The Church is located on G.A.R. Highway, Route 6, in Swansea, just west of Route 195 at the corner of Maple Avenue.

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