Chace Farm, Warren

Chace Farm, located at 68 Birch Swamp Road in Warren, RI, is one of the largest tracts of privately-owned farmland left in the East Bay

The rolling fields that make up Chace Farm have been cultivated continuously since 1697 when the King of England granted a charter to the first owners, the Mason family.


The land remained with the Mason family until 1944 when Robert L Chace, Sr and Doris V Chace purchased the land to establish their dairy farm and raise their growing family.

Wigwam Hill sits next to the barn and silos.


A stream runs through the Farm on its way to the Kickemuit River nearby.


An osprey circles above the farm that has continued to be fully operational with a hay business, leased barns and crop land to local farmers for vegetable production.


The farm straddles the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border established in 1747 and extends partway into Swansea, MA


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Chace Farm is privately owned and is located at 68 Birch Swamp Road in Warren, RI. Click on the map below for a Google satellite map.

Birch Swamp Road runs east from Market Street (Route 136) just south of the Swansea, Massachusetts border in Warren.