Ceremonial stone walk in the Bioreserve with Carl Ferreira

During an April 30, 2021 hike, Carl Ferreira of Tiverton describes stone structures in the Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve that may have held special significance for the Indigenous people who occupied the land.  Click here for a 21-minute video. Click here for a 46-minute video of similar stone structures in Acton, MA.

Carl talks with Al Lees and Charlie Appleton about the difference between colonial stone fences that were constructed to keep animals from crossing versus ceremonial structures that appear to have no functional purpose.

The stone pile on the left may have marked a burial site or a location of special significance unlike the straight and uniform stone fence on the right that colonists likely used to prevent cows or other animals from crossing.

The native people may have placed this quartz stone to mark a significant spot, or possibly the location of a sacred object or cache for a tribute that Al and Carl found along the trail.