Survey of King's Rock, Warren

Johnson’s Market owner Tim Johnson and D’Allesandro Farm owner Susan Langmack were joined by Helen Tjader, Greg Spiess, Dave Weed, and Swansea Historical Society Director Carl Becker on January 20, 2018 to survey King’s Rock on Wigwam Hill as part of a planned submission of an application for a National Historic Site designation. The Rock, […]

Carpenter Museum Visit, Rehoboth

Dave Weed had the opportunity to meet with Carpenter Museum Director Dr. Elyssa Tardif and Genealogy Researcher Lende McMullen on January 17, 2013 to talk about the Sowams Heritage Area project and to learn more about 17th century Rehoboth. Of particular interest was the Tobey archaeology dig site near the museum that yeilded numerous tools […]

In order to make the development of a Sowams Heritage Area a more interactive process, we have added a blog to the web page and provided an easy way for you to review changes and updates and to add your own thoughts and suggestions to the page. Feel free to reply at the end of […]

1638 Deed to Providence

The earliest land deed in the Providence City Archives dates from 1638 and confirms earlier verbal and written agreements between Roger WIlliams and the Narragansett sachems Canonicus and Miantonomo. The sachems drew their “signatures” with the symbols of a bow and an arrow, respectively, on the deed that granted land to Roger Williams. It was important […]