Burial Place Hill, Rehoboth

Presumed to be the oldest cemetery among the 53 in Rehoboth, Burial Place Hill (cemetery #33) is located at the corner of Providence and Peckham Streets.

The oldest known burial is of Richard Bowen who died just before the King Philip War began in 1675. He was 81. Though he is likely buried in Burial Hill, this has not been confirmed, but this was the only burying place at that time. Richard Bowen was perhaps born in Glamorganshire, Wales about 1594. His elaborate ancestry has been debunked and his origins are largely unknown. He arrived in America with his family about 1640, his name first appearing in Weymouth,MA 1642-1643. He soon removed to Rehoboth,MA, and was a signer of the Rehoboth Compact in 1644.


The second oldest burial is that of Robert Wheaton who died in 1696. He arrived from England, coming to Salem c1636/7. He removed to Weymouth,MA c1642, and was among those who, in 1644, founded the settlement at Seekonk (Rehoboth) along with Elder Newman.



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