British Museum exhibit fails to mention the Pokanokets or the King Philip War

The exhibit of Northeastern Indigenous people in the JP Morgan Chase Gallery (Room 26) of the British Museum includes several dozen items, but none from Northeast tribes such as the Pokanokets. Click here for a two-minute video detailing the failure to include these tribes, their artifacts or any mention of the devastating King Philip War. Click here for more about the exhibit.

The map above shows Native tribes in the Northeast but fails to include the principal tribes that occupied today’s Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In fact, many dozens of tribes are not mentioned on the map.

In response to an earlier visit, Dr. Weed wrote to Museum staff member Amber Lincoln about the failure of the exhibit to mention the Pokanoket and other New England Tribes or the King Philip War. Her reply, below, states that this feedback will inform the labels and object choices the next time changes are made in the gallery. (Click here for a larger image)

The exhibit’s only mention of Northeastern Natives is a wampum belt derived from shells from New England but fails to designate the tribe of origin.