Bassetlaw Museum opens Pilgrims’Gallery in Retford, England

An exciting and innovative new gallery opened in England during September, 2019 at Bassetlaw Museum in Retford, celebrating the life of William Brewster, one of the District’s most famous sons. The Gallery has two sections: one part is a reproduction of an early 17th century study and the other is a contemporary exhibition space.

The exhibition space interprets the themes of Religious Tolerance, Freedom and Migration. These challenges are as relevant in today’s world as they were when the Separatists fought for the right to practice their beliefs. 

Through a mirror (above, right), visitors see William recounting four stories: his early life in North Nottinghamshire; the reasons why the Separatists wished to break away from the Church of England; the life the Pilgrims experienced in Leiden, Holland and finally, the journey aboard the Mayflower and their later life in America. (Click here for a five-minute video clip from the first and the last of them.)

The ‘Pilgrim Roots’, possible thanks to The National Lottery players, also includes the upgrading of an existing Mayflower Trail with new interpretation at Babworth, Scrooby and Sturton-le-Steeple in Nottinghamshire, and Austerfield and Gainsborough in neighboring counties.