Barrington RI Slave History Medallion Installation Ceremony

The local community was invited to a special Rhode Island Slave History Medallion Installation Ceremony on Sunday, October 2, 2022 at the Barrington Public Library. This historic medallion recognizes and remembers the enslaved peoples of Barrington, including members of the Pokanoket Tribe who were enslaved before and after King Philip’s War. Click here for a 90-second video of the event.

History students and graphic design students presented the work they did for the Town of Barrington’s slave history medallion initiative, through the RWU Community Partnerships Center. They presented their findings of the town’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and stories of the enslaved and freed people of color who lived in Barrington and designed a display and exhibit dedicated to future educational awareness initiatives.

(Above) Ri Slave History Medallion Executive Director Charles Roberts, Pokanoket Tribal Historian Donald R. Brown, Jr., and Barrington Preservation Society President Stephen Venuti spoke at the event.

Roger Williams University Associate Professor of History Dr. Charlotte Carrington-Farmer and Barrington Public Library Director Kristen Chen also participated. (Above right) A medallion was installed in front of the Barrington Pubic Library as part of the ceremony.