Visit with Joetta Kirk of Chace Farm

Sowams Heritage Area Team Member David Weed recently met with Joetta Kirk, owner of Chace Farm in Warren, RI. The farm dates back to 1697 when King George granted a charter and has only had three family owners. The farm’s 178 acres includes the site of Wigwam Hill (pictured behind Dave and Joetta), an historic […]

Meeting with Swansea Historical Society

The Swansea Historical Society Board heard a presentation by Sowams Team Member David Weed about the Heritage Area project at one of their regular monthly meetings. President Carl Becker and board members Maureen O’Brian, Joanne Johnson and Carol Gafford learned how the project started and heard about eight locations in Swansea that have been described […]

Meeting with Local History Experts

Sowams Heritage Area team members Helen Hersh Tjader and Dave Weed held a two-hour meeting at the Barrington Preservation Society Museum with Barbara Hail, former Director of Brown University’s Haffenreffer Museum at Mount Hope in Bristol, Burton Van Edwards, history faculty member at Bryant University and Bridgewater State College, and Bonnie Warren, who initiated the […]

Sowams Heritage Area Illustration

Retired landscape architect and urban planner Al Lima met with Sowams Heritage Area team members Dave Weed and Greg Spiess to discuss the possibility of creating a graphic illustration of a proposed Sowams Heritage Area from Bristol to Providence. Al’s illustrations of a possible Quequechan River Rail Trail a decade ago led to the eventual […]

Conversation with Mark Canuel

Carpenter Museum volunteer Mark Canuel (left) met with Sowams Heritage Area team member Dave Weed for a conversation about early Rehoboth. Mark, who traces some of his family history to First People in Canada and grew up in Rehoboth, recently retired and is helping to catalogue museum holdings. He spoke with Dave about 17th century […]

Meeting with Pokanoket Tribal Members

Five members of the Pokanoket tribe met with Sowams Heritage Area project team members David Weed and Helen Tjader at the Barrington Public Library. Tribal members were invited by Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Sagamore, or Chief, of the Pokanoket Nation, William Guy who was unable to attend due to family illness. David and Helen began the meeting […]

Jim Johnston on Rehoboth Forges

While the New Palmer River Iron Forge was established in Rehoboth by 1722, though there’s no documentation, it’s quite likely that earlier forges were operating prior to 1700. Forges used bog ore found in local swamps to manufacture needed metal tools and implements.for the growing population in the Sowans Heritage Area. Dave Weed interviews retired engineer and […]

Tour of Kee Farm

Byron Kee offered a tour of his 60-acre family farm in Touisset that he believes began before 1700 though the exact date is not yet documented. The family farmhouse was added onto an original structure in the back that may date into the 1600s. The farmland runs along the Kickemuit River. Byron has found a […]

Touisset Wildlife Refuge, Warren

Touisset comes from the aboriginal name Toweset which is translated variously as “at the old field” and “at the corn field.”  Before the arrival of European settlers, and evidenced by shell piles and arrowheads unearthed by later residents, Touisset Point was, at least seasonally, inhabited by aboriginal people who enjoyed the bounty of the land, […]

Ancient Oak Trees Examined

Matt Largess of Largess Foresty joined Sowams Heritage Area project team member Helen Hersh Tjader pn the farm land at St. Andrew’s School in Barrington to examine an ancient white oak tree that has been growing on the property for several hundred years. Though the school was begun in 1893, the farm dates back to the […]