Author Philippa Gregory visits Potumtuk with the Pokanoket Sagamore and Sachem

(Above) Pokanoket Nation Sagamore Winds of Thunder (William Guy) relates some of their history to internationally acclaimed British author Philippa Gregory (right) while his daughter, Sachem Dancing Star and his grandson, Winding River, listen close to the Massasoit’s Seat at Mt. Hope in Bristol on February 13, 2020. The author was visiting from England to get background information prior to writing her next novel that will be set in the period of colonial settlement in the 1670s. Click here for a later statement and here and here for interviews with the author about her novel Dawnlands.


(Above) The Sachem, the Sagamore and First Councilperson on the Council of Seven, Running Deer, listen as the author poses questions about the period just before the conflict known as the King Philip War and then relate portions of their history during that time.


(Above) The Sagamore offers a prayer to the four directions in front of the Seat as the Sachem and the author observe.


(Above) Mt. Hope Farm Administrative Assistant Linda Saint Dennis accompanies the Sachem, her two sons, and the author as they leave the Seat to visit the marker where Metacomet (King Philip) was slain on August 12, 1676. Winding River, Dancing Star, Running Deer, Philippa Gregory, Winds of Thunder and Winter Hawk pose in front of the King Philip marker at Mt. Hope.