Author Julie Fisher on the Letters of Roger Williams

Students at Roger Williams University work in teams to decipher a letter attributed to Roger Williams. Click here for a five-minute YouTube video of the event.

Author Julie Fisher guides the students through the document, pointing out the nuances of penmanship and spelling while RWU Professor Charlotte Carrington-Farmer and Roger Williams Memorial Park Ranger John McNiff look on.


Newspaper reporters interview Rhode Island Historical Society Registrar Dana Signe Munroe who brought two actual letters written by Roger Williams for display in a plexiglass case while Ranger McNiff gives students a chance to try using goose quill pens dipped in ink made from iron and oak galls.


Dr. Carrington-Farmer introduces Julie A. Fisher, author of Ninigret, Sachem of the Niantics and Narragansetts and who is consulting on an ethnographic study for the Roger Williams Memorial, who then presents on “What Was Roger Williams?”


Click here for the Providence Journal coverage of the event.