Austerfield, England celebrates Pilgrim Father William Brewster

The Pilgrims’ Trail that connects the site relating to the group of Separatists who began meeting in and around Scrooby, England. It begins in Austerfield, the birthplace of Pilgrim Father Williams Bradford. After travelling to America, Bradford was a signatory of the historic Mayflower Compact, and bequeathed much of his knowledge about their momentous journey and early years of the Colony in his journal, Of Plimoth Plantation‘. 

The Trail is marked by a series of plaques at each location with a description of the events that led up to the group preparing to flee England to go to Leiden, Holland where they could worship as they wished.

Bradford was baptized in the Parish Church of Saint Helena in Austerfield, a small village of just over 500 in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, on the border with Nottinghamshire. 

The town celebrates the journey of the Mayflower with a sculpture that sits in the middle of a round-about at the entrance to the town.

The orphaned William Bradford, portrayed in a video shown at the Bassetlaw Museum in Retford, is thought to have been brought up in the Austerfield Manor House (pictured, right) by his grandfather and uncles. William later joined the Separatist cause as a teenager before escaping to Holland and eventually sailing on the Mayflower to America in 1620.