Archaeologist Erin Flynn talks about the archaeology along the Palmer River

Erin Flynn is a Project Archaeologist at the Public Archaeology Laboratory in Pawtucket, RI who has been working in the American Northeast and specifically, southeastern New England at archaeological sites for the past nineteen years. Click here for a 53-minute video of her presentation at the Carpenter Museum on November 15, 2020.

Her interests include Native American life 8,000 to 3,000 years ago in New England, but has worked on a variety of other Native American and historic sites.

The Massachusetts Archaeological Society has been recording Native American sites along the Palmer River in Rehoboth for at least 70 years.

Archaeologists are able to better understand Native American life from these artifact collections and local narratives.

Said Flynn, “While assisting with a Boy Scout merit badge in archaeology, I was fortunate to excavate at Camp Buxton and utilize maps by E. Otis Dyer, Jr. Projects like this one, along with larger archaeological surveys within Rehoboth help piece together the past and help us better understand preservation for the future.”