Archaeological Examples of Narragansett Indian & Native American Life

Joseph N. Waller, Jr., Senior Archaeologist at The Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. gave a presentation to South Kingston Parks and Recreation on February 16th, 2023, tracing the history of South Kingston, RI before 1673 as part of the Town’s 300th anniversary celebration. Click here for a 68-minute recording of his talk.

Waller began by describing his archaeology work with the Narragansett Tribe and then described the different periods of human settlement, beginning with the Paleoindian Period and Moving to the Early Archaic Period.

Using the Harbor Pond Site as an illustration, be then covered the Transitional Archaic Period and the Woodland Period.

He concluded his talk with the Early Contact period, noting the rivalry between the Narragansetts and the Pokanokets, whose leader, the Massasoit Ousamequin, controlled the land in Plymouth Colony.